Focus ConceptI thank God for waking me up this morning and I also thank him for my health. With another day and still good health it is an opportunity to shine! Shine at whatever it is that you do. If you dance, then dance like it’s your last dance! If you sing then, sing like it’s your last opportunity to sing! If you deliver packages then, deliver packages in a way that no one can replace you! Shine as bright as you can shine! The brighter you shine the harder it is to dim your light! You cannot shine by putting the spot light on some that did you wrong in the game! Or knowing some tea about someone and can’t wait to tell the world! Or blaming everyone one else for the reason you can’t level up! Or pointing the finger at someone doing what you got caught up for! What I am trying to say is the more you give other situations that don’t benefit your shine attention, then your shine becomes dimmer but when you are steadily focus on being the best you then the is nothing that can deny you of greatness!! Nothing!!!