This comedian is one funny dude! I first saw him on Bet’s Comic View and then I saw him on Martin Lawrence First Amendment Stand Up. His name is Damon William from Chicago! This dude right here was so funny talking about dudes wearing flip-flops lol. So when I had the chance to share the stage with him in Panama City, FL I was so crunk. I felt like I had made it to the top until I got back home lol!
There one thing that Damon told me about being good in comedy and making it where I want to be and that was, to be original, different and never steal anyone elses jokes!
I have taken that advice in this journey in comedy and it has been a tremendous help to.
I still follow this guys career and you can catch him every Tuesday on the Tom Joyner morning show and he also guess hosts this show from time to time!
Thanks Damon for the very helpful advice!