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Big Hou looking good!

I’m feeling good and looking good! I have killed the last few shows that I’ve done. People are really feeling my comedy and I’m proud of me. Thanks to any supporter of Big Hou I am grateful.

On another note I’m headed to Albany, GA. to do a comedy show for a church. I can’t wait and I really hope they like my comedy. To anyone that may read this and is a member of the church in Albany, GA please leave a message and let me know how I did. Now click on the link below and enjoy the video!



Hello people I’m gearing up to have a one of a kind live comedy show.  It will be some stand up comedy and some live comedy stage plays and the tickets for this show go on sale Sept.9 so stay tuned for more info or like Big Hou on Facebook to get up to the minute details. I will be at Famu’s 1st home game cameras rolling and me being a fool working for the laughs. Go to YouTube and subscribe to bighou31 to see all the live funny stuff I have in store.

Homecoming 2011!

Rep. Anthony Weiner is coming under alot of fire because some freaky looking pictures that didn’t even show his dick and they were to people over the age of 18. This has confirmed that any chances of me every holding a public office position is totally out of the question, because I like freaky pics. I don’t get it, If you want to make a difference in the world you have to be perfect? There are several people that made a difference in the world that are far from perfect. Bill Clinton got head in the white house and people rarely talk about anymore, but me I refer to head as Monica Lewinsky since the incident! Weiner is now finding out something that black folks as known for years “when it rains it pours.”  He has found out that his wife is now pregnant. I’m sure he is a pro life supporter lol. I wonder will this will change his mind.

Its official men love sex and everything involved with it there are just too many scandals involving men and other women. There is one thing for sure Anthony Weiner and Big Hou have something in common we are both freaks I had no Idea!


Should women fight on the front line of combat? I say hell to the yea! Give the enemy one more target than my ass and give me one more person to duck behind. Putting women on the front line of combat will do so much for morale. Think about it you can see titties before a big fire fight. If you get shot on the front line you have a chance of sucking a tittie before you die so when you die you can die with a smile. Hell you can get some pussy before combat or a promise to get some pussy after combat. We have all seen or read how men act over some pussy. Men will be dodging bullets like Neon from the matrix knowing that he got some pussy waiting on him. I guess the only bad thing that could come out of this is if women bring the nasty attitudes with them to the front lines. It would be some bullshit having to stop in the middle of a fire fight to change a pad because it’s that time of the month. Also after a couple of days without a shower women smell a whole lot worse than men cause they have a little more to maintain than we do, so that would be very uncomfortable traveling with a few women that smell like a hot fish market. On second thought that might not be the best thing to do because it takes allot to keep a pussy fresh and all men balls need is a baby wipe.

The big titty bandits!

These two women were caught shop lifting out of T.J.Max. They stole 4 pair of boots, 3 pair of jeans, a wallet and some gloves. I guess it was getting cold and they need some new outfits to hit the club. When the police searched them they found all of these items under their titties(breast). What the hell!!? So I started thinking “How big were their titties?” I’m thinking them titties are huge! Them titties so big she be walking kicking her nipples at the same time. I mean them titties so big they could have stole a washing machine and a dryer! I don’t feel sorry for them though. Having something as special as huge tittes is amazing and they should have used their talents in a different way. Like instead of stealing new clothes for the club they could have tried to sponsor a bar-b-que. They could have hidden chicken wings, a bag of leg quarters, a slab of ribs, a pan of peach cobbler, a bushel of collards and a gallon of sweet tea under them big ass tittes and tried to do something positive. I’m just saying!

Ladies, ladies, ladies! Every man that greets you is not trying to get your number. If a man says “Hello” the proper thing to do is respond with “Hello”, “Hay” if not that bark or wink or something. I mean speaking is universal and in this day and time young ladies feel like the only way a man will speak to her is if he is trying to have sex with her. Thats true but thats not the point, the point is when someone speaks to you you should speak back. This goes for my BLACK women only. I am saying this on the record the next time I speak to a young lady and she doesn’t speak back I’m spraying her ass with pepper spray! That will remind her to speak when spoken too. I really want to go on a limb and say white women speak all the damn time. White women can be with their man and speak and also say “I have a boyfriend ” with a smile. Black women, you wont even have a man and walk around with an attitude and wonder to yourself “why don’t I have a man”. Well smart black women you have to first speak to a man to have a man. Stop being mad at the last nigga that left your ass for your 1st cousin because of your attitude or maybe you spoke to the wrong nigga. Now try speaking to everybody that speaks to you and see what you get. I am Big Hou!

TSA is coming under allot of fire for the way they do pat downs at the airports in America. Some people feel like they are being violated and want the TSA to take a different approach to how pat downs are done. Let me say this, it’s not fair that TSA doesn’t give people an option. I feel like if you don’t want to be scanned or have TSA pat you down by their procedures there should be a special plane for you and everybody that feels the same way. Cause when someone decides to hide a bomb in their ass or another part of their anatomy that doesn’t get checked because of people being ashamed of their shape on a scanner or feels violated by TSA. Let them blow up by their damn self. I want to be safe, so if that means some cute lady rubbing her hands across my crouch area 75 times cause she feels something big and can’t figure out if its C-4 or if I’m just blessed that’s fine with me. Safety first! I bet the first time someone breaches security and gets a bomb on a plane, guess who is going to be the first to get the blame?………. Yep you guessed it  TSA and President Obama what the hell!!?

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