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Tonight 850 there is only 1 spot that in the city where you can be entertained and dance all night! Top Notch Saturday at Omini 3505 South Monroe Tallahassee, Florida 32304! Hosted by one of the funniest comedians in the tri state area Big Hou with one of the best Dj’s in the south Dj 1Vert! Come out and have a great time with some of 850 most talented! Also karaoke and live performances!!


Go ahead and break back out that homecoming outfit that that nobody saw you in and if somebody did see you then they don’t live in Tallahassee any damn way!! lol It’s going to be a good ass time with great music and great vibes! If you come once I’m sure you will come again. So come out and enjoy yourself and witness some of the best talent in the 850! If you are interested and want to come out to this event just click on the link below for more info!!





Blue Bar’s Tickle Me Blue Comedy Jam continues with a pre-Thanksgiving Special Edition laugh fest! Do NOT miss some of the funniest comedians in the Southeast on November 22nd! This hilarious event is hosted by seasoned comedian Big Hou. This event features the clever and infamous Miss Bree, who brings her raw comedica skills to the Blue Bar stage for the first time. Also, the event will be headlined by the ridiculously quirky and funny Austin Mann. We think he’s from another planet.
Come enjoy this special Thanksgiving Holiday Special Edition of the Tickle Me Blue Comedy Jam at Blue Bar! This event should be a lot of fun and laughter!! If you are interested in attending this event just click on the link below for more info!!



Tallahassee and surrounding areas it’s a new spot with a whole new adult feel to it. If you want to go out laugh, dance and enjoy your night like it’s your birthday every weekend! Then Omni is where you want to be! 3505 South Monroe is the address! 10P.M. is the time! November 5 is day! DJ 1Vert on of the dopest DJ’s in the 850 will have all of your favorite hit jams to vibe and sing to all night long! What really makes this event different is the fact that there is a warm up to the turn up! It’s not the same old come in the club and start dancing thing oh no it’s much more than that. At Top Notch Saturday’s you come in early grab a seat and watch some of the best live entertainment all hosted by one of the funniest comedians in the tri state area Big Hou! There will be rappers singers and you may even discover a new single you can jam to! The possibilities  are endless all you have to do is show up!!

WP_20131110_00520140116152552Thru my journey I have run into some great people and not so great people! There’s this one guy that I saw for the first time and I thought he was funny as hell! He had been doing comedy much longer than I have but I knew he was a comedian that I wanted to be like. His name is Lil Man! It’s funny that his name is Lil Man because this ain’t no Lil dude lol.

He was a little apprehensive about who I was at first but I worked hard and continued to be the best I could be as a comedian. Now I know I have earned his respect as a comedian in Tallahassee. He gave me props at a show I did at Top Flite which made me feel I was on the right track in comedy!

I realize I have so much more room to grow as a comedian. Knowing that veterans of comedy enjoy what I bring to the table as a rookie in comedy makes me feel like doing this as a career is very possible.

Thanks Cedric Benson aka Lil Man for the encouragement support and guidance that I will need in order to make it to the next level!

Urban Improv


I’m happy to announce my partnership with Southside Arts Complex(SAC) in bringing some comedy and something new to do in Tallahassee! Turn Up Tuesday’s is every other Tuesday at Southside Arts Complex 2525 South Monroe st. Tallahassee Fl. 32303. Great music, drinks and fun comedy improv. Every show is different so if you are tired of doing the same thing come by on every other Tuesday. It’s only 5$ to enter.

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