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The big titty bandits!

These two women were caught shop lifting out of T.J.Max. They stole 4 pair of boots, 3 pair of jeans, a wallet and some gloves. I guess it was getting cold and they need some new outfits to hit the club. When the police searched them they found all of these items under their titties(breast). What the hell!!? So I started thinking “How big were their titties?” I’m thinking them titties are huge! Them titties so big she be walking kicking her nipples at the same time. I mean them titties so big they could have stole a washing machine and a dryer! I don’t feel sorry for them though. Having something as special as huge tittes is amazing and they should have used their talents in a different way. Like instead of stealing new clothes for the club they could have tried to sponsor a bar-b-que. They could have hidden chicken wings, a bag of leg quarters, a slab of ribs, a pan of peach cobbler, a bushel of collards and a gallon of sweet tea under them big ass tittes and tried to do something positive. I’m just saying!


Studs are going over board!!!


I have no problem with anyone’s sexuality. What I am saying is studs are pushing the limits of wanting to be a man. If I see another stud walking around the store with a tank top on and no bra I’m going OFF! I am sick of that; they are walking around with these triple F titties what the hell!!? In my mind I’m like yuck but my penis has a mind of its own all it see’s is titties and stand up like a bubble in the tub after a strong poot. My penis embarrasses me all the time I have to look down at him and talk to him like” Boy you ought to be shame of yourself; you will get hard on anything.” Studs put on a bra and save them big ass titties for the bed room please!

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