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Donald Trump is the President of the United States is something I thought I’d never say! Boy was I wrong! A lot of Americans were wrong, sad, disappointed and shocked all at the same time!! Because of the principles Donald Trump ran his campaign on, the disrespect to woman and the lack of compassion for anything or anyone besides himself. I just don’t think he is qualified nor has the temperament to deal with confrontation. While there is a list of things that I don’t like about Donald Trump I will respect the process as the nation did for the first black president Barrack Obama.

The process is simple one vote for every one person. The thing I love about this process is that a millionaire is now on equal terms in society with a poor man because they only have one vote! The thing is a millionaire knows how important that vote is and a poor man really doesn’t give a damn because it doesn’t feed him! Eating is his motivation to do anything or whatever! Voting might be at the top of that list!!

Us as black folks tend not to give a damn about a lot until it comes knocking at our front door! I will say that black folks showed up for Obama but not for Hillary! It shows to a level how divided we are still in 2016! I just hope the world is ready for what America has done or has not done, but there is something to get ready for! I’m not quite sure what it is but be ready!!



WP_20131110_00520140116152552Thru my journey I have run into some great people and not so great people! There’s this one guy that I saw for the first time and I thought he was funny as hell! He had been doing comedy much longer than I have but I knew he was a comedian that I wanted to be like. His name is Lil Man! It’s funny that his name is Lil Man because this ain’t no Lil dude lol.

He was a little apprehensive about who I was at first but I worked hard and continued to be the best I could be as a comedian. Now I know I have earned his respect as a comedian in Tallahassee. He gave me props at a show I did at Top Flite which made me feel I was on the right track in comedy!

I realize I have so much more room to grow as a comedian. Knowing that veterans of comedy enjoy what I bring to the table as a rookie in comedy makes me feel like doing this as a career is very possible.

Thanks Cedric Benson aka Lil Man for the encouragement support and guidance that I will need in order to make it to the next level!






I have been waiting on this day for a while! FSU playing for a national championship! Now I really don’t give a damn who they are playing because I don’t think they can lose to any one this year! Jamis Winston has won the Heisman and today is his birthday! Sounds like the making of a win to me! Now this opponent name Auburn was 2 plays from being a 3 lose team and the Seminoles closest game was 14? My point in saying all of that is I’m a Nole fan and has been a nole fan since I was 14 so we will be crowned national champions tonight!

Big Hou Comedy!!

InstagramCapture_b73e6ff7-8e79-440a-b19e-32e0816a5a34_jpgHappy New Year! It’s been a while and I’m coming back with the funny! 2013 was a great year for me I have made more money doing comedy in 2013 than I have ever made doing comedy since I started in 2010. This means there is so much more to go and so many more people I can make laugh.

I have learned so much from so many different comedians over the years and I thank them all through my blog the next few months. First Marvin Dixon is a very funny and cool individual. I do the local guess spot at Top Flite  in Tallahassee sometimes. He told me  he likes my work and to keep working and I’ll go far! Thanks Marvin for the advice and I hope to be on a flyer with you one day lighting up a stage!

I’m working on a series of videos with some great funny comedians in 2014 so look out for that. These video series will be out on the streets so you may become a victim of the funny so be on your toes if you see me coming in your direction with a camera! lol

If you don’t already follow me on twitter@bighoucomedy and instagrahm@bighoucomedy and on youtube@bighoucomedy! Thanks for reading and if you like what I do become a fan! 1

Started out as Turn Up Tuesdays Urban Improv comedy! Now it has become Tuesday Everything Comedy with You play too much funny boyz! This show is not just improv and not just stand up and not just stage play comedy but its everything comedy! From murdering the top hits to acting as the newest celebrity and the newest news. The new format of the show will keep you laughing and thinking at the same damn time. It is a bunch of fun and also something new to do during the week. So tell a friend to tell a friend! For more information please read the flyer!

Urban Improv


I’m happy to announce my partnership with Southside Arts Complex(SAC) in bringing some comedy and something new to do in Tallahassee! Turn Up Tuesday’s is every other Tuesday at Southside Arts Complex 2525 South Monroe st. Tallahassee Fl. 32303. Great music, drinks and fun comedy improv. Every show is different so if you are tired of doing the same thing come by on every other Tuesday. It’s only 5$ to enter.

Hello I live in North Florida and will go anywhere to tell some jokes! I’m negotiable and all offers will be considered, but maybe not agreed upon. I will entertain or host any event Family reunion, weddings, parties, Christmas parties, funerals, baby showers, lady showers and any thing else you can think of with a mic and a stool Big Hou will be a damn fool! So hit me and check out the video by clicking on the link below!

Comedian Big Hou
850-345-5001/850-270-8902 for booking
Check out Big Hou click on link below
Email me and tell me what you think

It’s feel free Friday and I say feel free to dig cheese whenever you feel the need to! If you are in line at the grocery store and your behind has a mouth full of drawers, DIG CHEESE! If you bend over to tie your shoe and stand up with you right pocket stuck in the crack of you behind, DIG CHEESE! If you are in church and just got finished with the holy ghost and the ushers has just picked you up off the floor and you dress is stuck in the crack of your behind, DIG CHEESE! It’s ok to dig cheese and if some one says you are nasty for digging cheese, NO they ass nasty for not digging cheese! It’s feel free Friday and I say dig cheese any Damn where you want to! I’m Big Hou and I love you world have a laugh on me PEACE! And dig cheese!

If you are in town please come check Big Hou’s rendition of a comedy show. It is very different!

“From the outhouse to the white house! Whats next for US!?”

is going down in Quincy and Tallahassee FL.

The Warehouse

706 W Gaines St

Tallahassee, FL 32303

February 24, 2012.



17 N. Madison St.

Quincy, FL 32351

February 25, 2012

Admission is only $5.00

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