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Big Hou looking good!

I’m feeling good and looking good! I have killed the last few shows that I’ve done. People are really feeling my comedy and I’m proud of me. Thanks to any supporter of Big Hou I am grateful.

On another note I’m headed to Albany, GA. to do a comedy show for a church. I can’t wait and I really hope they like my comedy. To anyone that may read this and is a member of the church in Albany, GA please leave a message and let me know how I did. Now click on the link below and enjoy the video!



Hello people I’m gearing up to have a one of a kind live comedy show.  It will be some stand up comedy and some live comedy stage plays and the tickets for this show go on sale Sept.9 so stay tuned for more info or like Big Hou on Facebook to get up to the minute details. I will be at Famu’s 1st home game cameras rolling and me being a fool working for the laughs. Go to YouTube and subscribe to bighou31 to see all the live funny stuff I have in store.

Homecoming 2011!

New Year new motivation!

Im really working hard to give comedy my best shot. I’ve been writing alot and I hope to bring smiles to the faces of all americans. I want to let everbody know about some things I’m working on for 2011. Porken bean and Switchlip are two characters I am bringing to life. They are oldskcool players that have a message for the youth lol this will be funny. Also Tallahsee north florida and south georgia I’ve teamed up with the hottest local magazine in the area, Tally Biz and I have a segment coming out every month. Dont for get the stand up comedy I do thats hotter than ever. Thanks to all that showed me love in 2010 and I will make 2011 better new motivation!

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