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If you are in town please come check Big Hou’s rendition of a comedy show. It is very different!


Big Hou Comedy!

Big Hou


for booking: 850-270-8902

Serving the world from Tallahassee, FL

Representing Quincy, FL

It’s Valentine’s Day and all the men are scrambling to buy gifts. Some men don’t have the money to get all the things his old lady asked for this holiday. To those men I say to you “Chill, I have a solution.” First you must remind her of the reason for the season and it’s about love and not gifts. That should get you out of buying some things. Second write a list of sentimental things to such as a foot massage, doing the dishes, taking care of the kids ect. Things like this really show a woman you care and you didn’t have to buy it. Third, it’s this store called The Dollar Tree. Go there and buy the bags of artificial rose pedals, 2 candles, some bubble bath and a blank card so you can put only your feelings in the card.

Now you have everything in place to have the best cheap yet super Valentine’s Day. Step #1 use the rose pedals, candles and bubble bath for that candle lit bath that you are going to make for your baby. After a bubble bath woman are so vulnerable and clean so it’s safe to eat up. Step #2 put that card you bought in the room on the bed. This should set you up for some good head and round number 2. Now think back to all the arguments that yall may have had and write in this card all the thing she says you never tell her, or say to her, or give her credit for, or appreciates her for I can go all day but you see where I’m going? After she reads that it’s going to be on again.

I gotcha 2 nuts in one night if you want more than that you on your own cause I’ll be sleep!

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