Shaq is retiring from the NBA after 19 years. The greatest moment I can remember about Shaq is the first time he broke the basket ball goal and the game was delayed a few hours so that the goal could be fixed. There was no one else in history that had broken a goal until this cornbread eating ass brother made history. I also remember him and Kobe’s beef, Shaq was a little hot behind that but like I say “karma is for real.”  I bet when Kobe got caught up Shaq favorite quote became “God don’t like ugly!”

Shaq we love you man but now I’m wondering what’s next? I heard Shaq was going to do some undercover work in Miami. I really hope that is BS because who in the hell is Shaq big tall ass going to fool and he can’t run like he used too because you know the brothers always run from the police. Whatever Shaq decides to do I’m with it.

To be honest I really wouldn’t mind doing some of the things Shaq has done like Shaunie! She is looking real good lately on Basketball wives. She is a ETFN(Eat the first night) girl! I’m Big Hou and I’m out!