I’ve been watching the news and I can’t believe what I am seeing. On the reality show Teen Mom 2 a child beats her mothers’ ass and on CNN a 17 year old child pistol whips her mother and makes her co-sign for a car. You don’t have to be the smartest person in the world to know that there was not a black parent in the mist of those headlines. The reason why black parents aren’t in those headlines is because we would fuck our children up. I know this because fucking our children up is something that has been in the black community for years. I knew my mother was going to fuck me up by a look she gave me. I got fucked up for talking when I was not being talked to. I think we are getting to soft on our kids. So many parents want to be their buddies, friend and not be much of a parent. News flash children have a lot of buddies at school and on the playground and that’s who they should play with. We are not buddies we are parents, so fuck your kids up for doing the wrong thing. If you don’t fuck them up, they will fuck you up or society will fuck them up and they will be the next stars on the First 48. As a matter of fact, I’m about to go fuck my kids up for something they did last week to let them know, I didn’t forget! LOL!