Kim Kardashian was pissed when she saw the W magazine issue feature her photo shoot with them. I had mixed emotions! I can’t understand why she was mad it didn’t show nothing but her butt and some titty! It didn’t show her coochie and that’s the pic us men want to see. Kim I say to you be proud of your body and so what if you half naked, you came in this world with no clothes on right. I guarantee you there’s millions of women saying “I wish I had Kim Kardashian’s body.” Hell I wish I had your body, I would be sucking my titties, rubbing on my ass and taking allot of yoga classes just so I could eat my own coochie. If I had your body Kim I would never leave the house. I know you have allot of men always trying to get your number or sleep with you. I want to let you know I would sleep with you anytime. I would eat you out the first time and use no protection so you can get pregnant and I will keep the baby and try to get child support. Please don’t worry I have all my shots and I have good hair. I’m just joking, but if you want to I’m down. Kim you are beautiful, classy, tasty looking, sexy and most of all you are art! So stop tripping the pics are great and thanks to you I have something else to masturbate too!