Give this no good, no maternal having ass lady the death penalty. Get your ass off facebook and bathe your child. Get off facebook and cook for your child. What the hell is so special about facebook we can’t pull away from it? Listen people life is to short for stupid acts like this for real. Getting drunk one night and giving your baby a shot or two for worms is perfectly ok. Misplacing a blunt and baby demon finds it and starts to chew on it is wrong especially if that was your last dime but you won’t go to jail for it. Hells even place the baby in the play pen putting the TV. on sponge bob and going into the next room for a quickie ain’t that bad, there is no water and the baby can’t drown. Come to think about it you can’t leave some grown ass men in the bath tub alone or they would drown. This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard this year and I say beat her ass everyday she is locked up for that dumb ass move.