Ted Williams is the guy that was found on the side of the road with a golden voice and was very soon after that had several job offers. First of all that’s some bullshit I mean no resume. No interview. No nothing just because of the way his voice sounds. I guess god has a plan for everybody. Now Ted is back in the news because him and his daughter got into an argument and law enforcement was called out. What I heard was the argument was about him starting to drink again. I also heard she was pissed he wouldn’t give her any money to buy some drugs so she tried to spoil his name. I have this to say to Ted “Ted you are in OJ status and all eyes are on you if you slip you will be sentenced to life in prison.” That’s the sentence you make rich people look stupid for spending money on you. I wish the best for Ted I really do. I hope he has not started back drinking, at least not in public. And Ted if you need an assistant or something, hey man I’m here for ya we can talk about salary later!