We all know what happened in Panama City and if you don’t know then please take your head out of your ass. I want acknowledge someone that I would like to say is a hero in all of this. Ginger Littleton is the name of the lady that crept up on the gunman from behind and struck him with her purse. I don’t know anything about Mrs. Littleton and never met this woman in my life. Ginger is a very courageous, brave and fearless woman but I can bet the word Shit took on a whole new meaning that day. I bet she was thinking “Oh shit I need to do something”. So she hit the gun man with her purse and pissed him off. At this point I bet she was thinking “OOOO SHIT”. The look on her face was like “OOOOOOO SHIT!!” That was a very scary position to be in I know her underwear had SHIT in them. And at every interview people keep asking her “What were you thinking when you hit him with your purse?” She can’t say what she was really thinking but we all know she was thinking “OOOOOOOO SHIT!!”