I do not support texting while driving at all; I am totally against it unless you at a stop light and need to send a real quick text then that may be ok. On the other hand the government is going way too far trying to regulate our cell phone usage. The government is thinking of putting devices in cars to enable cell phone usage while driving. I can really see this being a huge problem. Picture this; you are creeping with your ex and her husband works nights. Since you can’t call while you are driving you give her a call before you leave and she says “Come by he’s gone to work.” Well on your way to her house, her husband forgets his cell phone and turns around to come back and get his cell phone. She is calling your cell phone to tell you that he is at the house and to not come to the door. You can’t receive phone calls while you are driving so you never get the call. You get to the house knock on the door and her husband answers the door. There you are standing holding some whip cream, pineapples, chocolate syrup and a tube of hot oil. Did I mention he works for the sheriff’s department? This homicide is one that the government could have prevented. Now you have a bullet in your ass because you couldn’t use the cell phone!