Ladies, ladies, ladies! Every man that greets you is not trying to get your number. If a man says “Hello” the proper thing to do is respond with “Hello”, “Hay” if not that bark or wink or something. I mean speaking is universal and in this day and time young ladies feel like the only way a man will speak to her is if he is trying to have sex with her. Thats true but thats not the point, the point is when someone speaks to you you should speak back. This goes for my BLACK women only. I am saying this on the record the next time I speak to a young lady and she doesn’t speak back I’m spraying her ass with pepper spray! That will remind her to speak when spoken too. I really want to go on a limb and say white women speak all the damn time. White women can be with their man and speak and also say “I have a boyfriend ” with a smile. Black women, you wont even have a man and walk around with an attitude and wonder to yourself “why don’t I have a man”. Well smart black women you have to first speak to a man to have a man. Stop being mad at the last nigga that left your ass for your 1st cousin because of your attitude or maybe you spoke to the wrong nigga. Now try speaking to everybody that speaks to you and see what you get. I am Big Hou!