The other day I was spending time with my kids and I took them to Burger King on the southside. A 12 year old child that I don’t know brushed against me almost knocking me down. I looked at the young man and said “Excuse me buddy! You almost knocked me down.” He turned to me and said “Fuck you! Watch where you are walking!” At this moment I started walking at a fast pace toward the child. Before I got to him he held up his shirt and said “What!” I saw a gun and replied ” Abosolutley nothing Sir! Matter of fact I’m sorry for running into you sir. I’m sorry sir.” Here I am 32 years old saying sir to a 12 year old, SMH.

I found out the child was the son of a friend of mine named Kilo. So I told Kilo what his son had done. He laughed and said ” Yea man I didn’t raise no punks!” My response was ” What the hell!!?”