TSA is coming under allot of fire for the way they do pat downs at the airports in America. Some people feel like they are being violated and want the TSA to take a different approach to how pat downs are done. Let me say this, it’s not fair that TSA doesn’t give people an option. I feel like if you don’t want to be scanned or have TSA pat you down by their procedures there should be a special plane for you and everybody that feels the same way. Cause when someone decides to hide a bomb in their ass or another part of their anatomy that doesn’t get checked because of people being ashamed of their shape on a scanner or feels violated by TSA. Let them blow up by their damn self. I want to be safe, so if that means some cute lady rubbing her hands across my crouch area 75 times cause she feels something big and can’t figure out if its C-4 or if I’m just blessed that’s fine with me. Safety first! I bet the first time someone breaches security and gets a bomb on a plane, guess who is going to be the first to get the blame?………. Yep you guessed it  TSA and President Obama what the hell!!?